I’d like to think I’m a halfway intelligent guy, but I can’t for the life of me figure out if Sideshow has any integrity or coherent policy. Can anyone help me out?

The federal government struggles to cope with the number of people entering our country illegally, and Ferguson sues over the conditions in which the detainees are kept. Ferguson sues because detainees who voluntarily work while in detention aren’t paid minimum wage. Ferguson sues the Navy because Growlers at NAS Whidbey make too much noise.


Money that was going to a different Navy base was diverted for wall construction on our southern border. A wall that if built, would greatly reduce the number of people entering our country illegally…thus greatly reducing the number of people that would be “mistreated” by the federal government. You would think Ferguson would be happy with that, right? Because he’s looking out for those poor people, right?


I just figured it out. Ferguson only cares about 3 things:

1) Power
2) His political career
3) Sticking it to Trump

Is this what we are paying Sideshow for?

From Sideshow’s Facebook page:

**FEDERAL LITIGATION UPDATE** Washington state just filed a legal challenge to block President Trump from abusing his powers to erect a wall on our southern border.

The Trump administration recently announced plans to divert critical funds from military projects across the country — including $89 million from Bangor Naval Base, right here in Kitsap County — to subsidize building his wall. This action by Donald Trump is unlawful. It is an outrageous abuse of power that would hurt Washington’s economy and our military. It would set a dangerous precedent that threatens our system of checks and balances.

This is our 48th lawsuit against the Trump administration, and we’re not slowing down. Our undefeated record speaks for itself. We’re 21-0 — and I don’t intend to lose this one.