Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are you running as an Independent candidate?

Ideally the enforcement of our laws should not be a partisan endeavor. I am running for Washington State Attorney General with the core principles of the rule of law and equal protection under the law, and will work to protect the rights of all Washingtonians. I do not want to owe favors to a political party and want to be free to call out hypocrisy and injustice where I see it.

What is your position on capital punishment?

I support capital punishment; there are some crimes heinous enough that death is an appropriate sentence.

Thought experiment: Why are people who are pro-abortion, without restriction, generally the same people who believe that no criminals (who have been convicted at trial and have appeal rights) should have their lives terminated??

Where do you stand on guns?

I unapologetically support the 2nd Amendment and Article I, Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution.

If elected I will do everything in my power to rollback the infringements on your fundamental rights.

Here’s another thought experiment: Why do people who think that 16 year olds are wise and mature enough to vote think that 18-20 year olds are too immature to be afforded their 2nd Amendment rights?

Extra credit: What other rights in the Bill of Rights are categorically restricted by age?

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