Hypocrite Sideshow is at it again. The alleged underpinning of his beloved sanctuary state law is that immigration is a federal issue and that state and local law enforcement should not be involved. Yet he turns around and wants to tell federal law enforcement when and how they can do their jobs. Pull your head out Bob!

I am all for treating people fairly. But people who come to our country illegally, and usually must break other laws in order to survive here (identity theft involving social security numbers, etc.) should know the perils they place themselves and their family members in each and every day.

The law abiding are not second class citizens! Will Sideshow give you a pass when you break the law and then tell law enforcement to leave you alone?

There are two sides to the equation. For every story of a poor *illegal* immigrant who finds themselves in our justice system, there is another party whose rights must also be considered.

The examples cited in the story meant to evoke sympathy should not. The person seeking the protection order: If their abuser is also here illegally it seems Ferguson would be in favor of protecting that person as well. It seems to me that would re-victimize the survivor. Remember this person has a legal country of residence. If that person was in fear or concerned the US justice system could not protect him or her, why wouldn’t they go home?

The man driving without a driver’s license: Unless there’s some insurance policy I’m not aware of he was almost certainly driving without insurance as well. What incentive does he have to obey our traffic laws?

The woman in court for a traffic collision: Again, she almost certainly did not have insurance. Who will pay for any damage? Answer: all of us in higher insurance premiums.

Ferguson’s lack of concern for those who are here legally, his waste of our tax dollars suing the federal government over federal enforcement of federal laws, and his unwillingness to stay in his own lane renders him completely unfit to be our state’s attorney general.

Is Ferguson representing you and your interests?

I want to return our state to a place where we enforce our laws uniformly, without regard to *any* person’s individual characteristics. Sideshow’s selective application of our laws based on a person’s immigration status sounds discriminatory, doesn’t it?


Seems like a good time to dust this video off.