I was asked today if I would reject all donations from the fossil fuel industry and pledge to support the Green New Deal.

In a word: No.

Full disclosure, I have not yet received any donations from the fossil fuel industry.

My pledge is that I will work for the people of Washington, not the bureaucracy of the “Washington State Swamp.” I will accept donations from just about any lawful source to accomplish that goal, but am publicly stating up front that donations absolutely will not entitle any person or special interest group any preferential treatment.

For all the feigned concern about the climate, I find it interesting that the State of Washington has taken no action regarding all the RVs in Seattle dumping their sewage tanks onto city streets and the recent news of a Seattle business illegally dumping chemicals into a sewer. In the latter case the federal government was taking enforcement action, but not the State of Washington or the City of Seattle.

As I have said many times before, there is plenty of work that needs to be done here at home. I want everyone to have clean water and a good environment, and that can be accomplished without signing onto the climate hysteria that has taken a number of forms since at least the 1970s.