I have posted before about Ferguson suing the Trump administration over the alleged housing conditions of illegal alien children in other states, while Washington’s foster care system is a disgrace.

Perhaps Sideshow could do some good if he held some people closer to home accountable, whether state contractors, foster parents who should not be foster parents, or DSHS leadership.

I found this paragraph particularly alarming:

“The challenge, at times, is driven home by another example in Dowd’s report — the 11-year-old who spent 77 nights in a hotel. Brought to the U.S. through an international relief program for orphans, the child had severe mental health and behavioral issues and was, at one point, removed from a residential treatment program after verbally abusing staff, breaking car windows and running away from the facility and into traffic. The adolescent is now at an out-of-state facility.”

Why are we importing any children, let alone children with severe problems, without a vetted sponsor who will take care of the child until they are able to care for themselves? The tax payers of Washington are on the hook for bringing this child from another country, only to be housed in another state at our expense. To say someone should lose their job over this is an understatement.

Who are you “fighting for” Bob? It certainly isn’t the children or the tax payers of Washington.