I share your anger and frustration over the recent court order enjoining the implementation of I-976.

Given the current state of our politics and the contempt for the will of the people by elected officials and unelected bureaucrats, no one should be surprised by this development. Even before the judge’s ruling, Sound Transit vowed to continue collecting the taxes repealed by I-976, voters be damned.

Our judicial system is in desperate need of reform. There is a slate of 2020 candidates, including myself, who want to reform government and we could all use your help.

Now is not the time to give up in the face on continued adversity. Constructively focus your anger and do not surrender!

The case underlying the injunction has yet to be litigated, and there are increasing calls for a legislative special session to enact $30 car tabs.

I have heard a number of people planning on acts of civil disobedience by not paying for their tabs when they come due.

If you are one of those people, here is some unsolicited advice…take it or leave it.

Expired tabs may as well be a neon sign to police officers; I suggest:

1) Strongly consider not having a single drop of alcohol (or any other substance) if you’re going to drive with expired tabs, especially during the holidays. You don’t want your political protest to catch you a DUI.

2) Have all your other ducks in a row, including proof of insurance and registration (even if it’s expired).

3) Be courteous to the officer who stops you.

            a) The officer may or may not agree with your political views. Officers are             supposed to impartially enforce the law, but they are humans too. Would you do a   favor for someone who is being a jerk to you?

            b) The smaller the community you live in, the more likely that same officer will      notice you and your expired tabs again.

4) Expect a ticket and be thankful if you don’t get one…this time.

5) If you go down this road, be all-in. Request a full hearing and the presence of the ticketing officer. Beyond that I leave it to you to find your own legal advice and plan your own strategy.

We have the chance to take back our state government in 2020. Support candidates who share your beliefs. Consider running for office—any office—yourself. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors and make sure they’re registered to vote…and then in August and November talk to them again and make sure they do vote.

It is ok to be angry and frustrated. It is not ok to give up.