On June 4, 2020 each Justice signed a letter indicating their belief, their bias, that “systemic racial injustice against black Americans” exists.

I do not believe that systemic racism has been proven, and it is utterly irresponsible for the Justices to opine on an issue not before them in a judicial proceeding.

Justices and judges are supposed to call “balls and strikes,” and rule on facts properly admitted to evidence after applying those facts to our constitutional laws.

It is not their place to advocate. If that is what these individuals believe is their calling in life, they should find another line of work.

Assuming for the moment systemic racism does exist, it certainly wouldn’t be limited to black people. Justice is not always served, and people from all walks of life and all shades of skin color often get the short end of the stick.

Justice is meant to be “blind,” and these Justices have publicly acknowledged that they are incapable of sticking to the facts and issues properly before them.

As Attorney General I will use this letter as evidence of improper bias, when appropriate, in appealing their rulings to the United States Supreme Court.

Far too many of our public institutions have been corrupted. That corruption has now publicly reached our State Supreme Court.

Four of the Justices, Montoya-Lewis, Whitener, Stephens, and Johnson are up for election this year.

Justices Whitener and Montoya-Lewis have challengers, unfortunately Stevens and Johnson are running unopposed.

This is not how our government is supposed to function. I implore attorneys in Washington to consider mounting a serious write-in campaign against Stephens and Johnson.

I encourage voters who truly care about equal justice for all and the rule of law to ensure that these four Justices do not retain their seats on our state’s highest court.