Yesterday I had a meeting with the Seattle Times Editorial Board along with the other 3 candidates for attorney general.

We were each asked if we would continue Bob Ferguson’s efforts to enact additional restrictions on otherwise law-abiding gun owners.

Ferguson said that he will continue to fight for additional infringements of our Second Amendment rights as long as he is in public life.

I said that I would “absolutely not” be continuing Ferguson’s legacy. I pointed out that Ferguson’s efforts are misguided and that we have a problem with “violence” in our country, not “gun violence.”

Ferguson has done nothing to address violence, instead choosing to erode people’s right to keep and bear arms as recognized by the Constitution.

I have previously written and stated many times that if I am elected, I will do everything in my power to repeal 1639 and other 2A infringements.

For what it’s worth, another republican candidate, Mike Vaska, said that he has no strong feelings on the issue and would leave it up to the people of our state to decide.