Governor Inslee’s press conference today was enlightening, but probably not in the way he intended. He threw the peons a few bones and will start to open some outdoor activities.

I find it interesting that he will “allow” certain activities the day after his stay home order is set to expire, yet he provided no plan or path to reopen our state. The cynic in me suspects, 1) he has no plan and has no idea what he’s doing and, more importantly, 2) he plans on extending his stay home order. Otherwise why was today’s press conference not more comprehensive?

On a number of occasions since I declared as a candidate I have been asked if I would throw Inslee and/or Ferguson in jail. This isn’t the time or place to get into the weeds on the issue, but generally speaking the proper way to rid ourselves of poor representatives is through elections. I guarantee you if I’m elected there will be plenty of people on the far left who will want me prosecuted.

However, we have reached an unprecedented point in our state and our country. We have a governor, who relying on faulty data, has willingly and knowingly violated our civil rights. As information and actual data (as opposed to models) comes in, it is even more apparent that the reasons for the shutdown of our state were erroneous, and the purported goal of the shutdown (“flattening the curve” to prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed) has been achieved.

And yet in the face of this knowledge Governor Inslee continues to willingly and knowingly violate our civil rights.

The damage has been done and there are some who will never recover from Inslee’s actions. Even if he reopened our state tonight, it is too late.

I have serious concerns about Inslee’s blasé reaction to those who have been protesting for their civil rights. If the people who have been harmed by the State of Washington’s actions ultimately prevail in court, who will be on the hook for any monetary award? You, me, all of us. I believe Inslee doesn’t care because any price for his actions will ultimately be borne by the tax-payers.

Inslee needs to appreciate that he has some skin in the game.

If elected I will launch a *criminal* investigation into Inslee’s handling of the Corona/COVID outbreak, and I will partner with federal authorities to maximize the avenues to hold him accountable. Probable cause to believe that any crime has been committed will result in prosecution.