Since very early on in the COVID fiasco I have tried to bring attention to a number of harms caused by Inslee’s stay home and phased reopening orders. One of the issues close to me was the prohibition of “elective” medical procedures. What Inslee considered “elective” was often preventative and potentially lifesaving.

I recently got the following heartbreaking email from a supporter. I verified that her husband did indeed pass in May 2020. Perhaps her husband may have suffered a heart attack and died anyway, but we will never know. His lack of access to healthcare, especially in our country, is unconscionable.

Real people are being harmed by Inslee’s policies. And since I am running for attorney general, I of course have to point out that Bob Ferguson has done nothing for the people of our state on this front.

If there are any attorneys out there willing to talk to a prospective client (Snohomish County), even if only to refer her to another attorney, it would be appreciated…please PM me.

Dear Brett,

I gladly and proudly donated to your campaign not just because you represent Republicans, but because so far you are the only politician so far who noticed that patients were denied, during this Covid scam, preventive healthcare.

My husband of 45 years suffered a mild heart attack June 2nd, 2019 and he was closely monitored by his cardiologist ever since. Yet this coronavirus unnecessary panic made his cardiologist to cancel his early spring and spring appointments, move it to July and simply quit on him.

Every three weeks he was going for the blood tests, regarding his blood thinners and high blood pressure medications. For the three consecutive months during these visits they didn’t bother to take his blood pressure (a patient with cardiovascular diseases!), stating that the “sleeve” might be contaminated.

My husband passed away May 16th, 2020 of a heart arrest. Even though the paramedics were working on him for over an hour, he didn’t make it. I feel he was terribly neglected by the health care system.

I don’t think there is a pathogen in the whole world that paralyzes the whole world, shutting and locking down everything, but mainly to stop doctors taking care of their patients, to hide at their homes and betray the oaths they were sworn into. My question is: is there any association or organization to deal with similar cases as was the one of my late husband?


(redacted for privacy)

P.S. English is my second language, so please, excuse the awkwardness.