If you have been following me you will know that from early on I urged caution regarding Corona/COVID but I was very skeptical of the models and the media reporting since neither matched what was happening before our eyes.

With each passing day information and actual data (as opposed to “experts” “guessing” with their models) continues to point to COVID, while being deadly for some, is not nearly as deadly for the vast majority of people as we were lead to believe.

I have been highly critical of Ferguson’s multiple lawsuits against the federal government. In spite of that criticism I have acknowledged that there is a time and place for resolution of disputes between a state and the federal governments in the courts.

I suspect COVID will be one.

If elected I will investigate ALL aspects of Washington State’s response to COVID. If that investigation reveals probable cause to believe that anyone in the public (government officials) or private sector committed a criminal act I will prosecute.

If that investigation demonstrates by a preponderance of the evidence that the federal government (through the CDC or otherwise) intentionally or negligently misled the people of Washington as to the severity of the disease which resulted in our state government suspending civil rights and causing incalculable damage to the people of our state, I will absolutely sue the federal government.

I find it ironic that Sideshow, who seemingly sues President Trump every chance he gets, has been silent on THE issue that arguably has had more of a direct impact on the people of our state that any of his other lawsuits, perhaps combined. But he “fights for the people,” right?