I’ve gotten a lot of flak over the past couple days over posts I’ve made about Corona/COVID so let me make myself as clear as I can…I would hope you would want to vote for someone who isn’t easily swayed and can withstand adversity.

Corona IS serious. Especially to those who are older or who have underlying conditions. I urge everyone to do what you need to do to keep yourselves and your families safe. This shouldn’t have to be a PSA for the CDC, but wash your hands, cover your cough, and if you are in a high risk group or come in contact with those who are, absolutely minimize your contact with other people.

My wife is a registered nurse working in Washington’s epicenter. She could contract Corona at any time while caring for others. I don’t wish illness on anyone.

However, it is important to keep things in perspective. I am saddened by those who perish and for the loved ones they leave behind to mourn. The ugly truth is death is all around us. Heart disease. Drug overdoses. Car crashes. We lose many more people to those things than it appears we will lose to Corona. Does that make it any better? Of course not.

But we have come to accept those other losses as part of life. What makes Corona different?

The media.

The media has been peddling panic, and far too many are buying. I am truly shocked at the number of people who have witnessed and acknowledged media lies and biased reporting (since most obviously 2015) are suddenly taking the media as gospel. Nothing has changed. You are still the same and they are still peddling the same propaganda.

I am also shocked at the number of people who have Gadsden flag avatars on their social media who are ok with the government suspending your civil rights (yes, including 2A) in the name of fighting Corona. So much for “from my cold dead hands.”

I’ve had comments that WWII vets gave up their rights for us, and we should do the same for them. That is absolutely incorrect. Those brave souls risked and many gave their lives to protect our rights that we could continue to live as a free society. The comparison between WWII and this current situation is asinine. Get over yourselves.

The US lost approximately 416,000 troops during WWII.

As of this writing there have been 123 deaths in Washington linked to Corona. Not to minimize those deaths but most had underlying health problems.

In the meantime, People are losing their jobs. The economy is tanking.

Our government is making moves that should alarm everyone. Cities are releasing criminals from jails and prisons while deeming firearms shops non-essential and ordering them closed.

Because of the virus jails are not accepting many arrests. So a person who doesn’t care about the law and has nothing to fear from committing more crimes will choose not to harm you and your family why?

Some cities have decreed that carrying a firearm during this “emergency” is now a crime.

In other words, the government is too busy to protect you right now, and also too busy to “allow” you to protect yourself.

The Governor is restricting people’s ability to gather for whatever reason, including worship, even if those people accept the risk. The Governor is suspending open meetings and open records laws.

In times of crisis we do not suspend or give up our rights, we more zealously safeguard them.

To compare our current situation to WWII is a slap in the face to all those who sacrificed for us. They did not fight and die for us to surrender to our civil authorities under these circumstances. Man-up. Woman-up. Do what YOU need to do to take care of yourselves and your families, but don’t lie down and accept the curtailment of EVERYONE’S rights.

I fully recognize that this position may cost me some support and some votes. That is fine. I want people to vote for me because they believe in me, not because I’ve effectively pandered to them, or I’m a member of their party, or I’ve dodged enough issues that they have no idea what I stand for.

To borrow the sentiment from Andrew Wilkow, I am an individual patriot first, conservative second, republican third.

If elected I will fight for ALL the rights of ALL Washingtonians.