Sideshow released the following statement yesterday:

OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson released the following statement following the Trump Administration’s announcement of changes to the “public charge” rule that would allow immigration officials to deny new or continuing legal status to immigrants who use or may use public benefits to which he or she is entitled:

“The Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant agenda continues today with the announcement of proposed changes to the public charge rule,” Ferguson said. “These changes force legally present immigrant families into a Hobson’s choice — to sacrifice their dream of becoming Americans in order to provide health care, food or a roof over their children’s heads, or let their families go without in order to remain in the country. That’s a choice they should not have to make, and we’re taking a close look at whether or not this action is legal.”

The law in question, 8 U.S.C. 1182, has been on the books since 1891. You read that right, for 128 years. A problem was a lack of a formal definition of “public charge,” and more recently a lack of enforcement by our government.

The law is aimed at legal immigrants. Why would we want to encourage others to come to this country if we would have to support once they are here? When I was living in Australia on the equivalent of a “green card” I was not eligible for public assistance for two years. Other countries have similar laws, why are our laws “racist” or somehow unjust?

As usual, Sideshow likes to conflate legal and illegal immigration. Pay close attention to Sideshow’s use of the word entitled at the end of the first paragraph. He apparently believes that those who break our laws to enter, and almost certainly break our laws to remain (identity theft is a big one!) are entitled to your tax dollars.

Even if we decided to be that generous, has Sideshow looked out of his window recently? Should we not ensure we can take care of those already here before we start throwing our money at foreigners?

On a final note, I thought the reasoning behind sanctuary laws was that the state is not responsible for enforcing federal immigration law. It would be nice if Sideshow would quit virtue signaling and stay in his lane for once, but I won’t hold my breath.