We had a fantastic day at the Capitol today, thank you to everyone who turned out and who was with us in spirit!

The following is a summary of my remarks today:

I’m Brett Rogers, and I’m running for Washington State Attorney General.

I have a question for you: What do you call that thing that is sometimes put in engines to keep it from generating too much power or reaching its full potential?

A governor?

Well I guess Jay Inslee really is the “governor” of Washington State!

I have a message for Governor Inslee: You may as well go ahead and resign now, because you have lost the consent of the governed!

I have another question for you: Where is Bob Ferguson?

Has anyone seen Ferguson standing up to Inslee to protect your right to freely exercise you religion?

Has anyone seen Ferguson challenge Inslee to protect your right to peacefully assemble?

Has anyone heard Ferguson tell Inslee, “You know Jay, your designating people as essential and non-essential violates their right to equal protection under the law?”

Democrats like to say that healthcare is a human right. If that is true, why have “elective” procedures been outlawed?

Jay Inslee is destroying lives and our economy.

I don’t think Inslee cares. I don’t think he cares because the price for his actions will be paid by all of us.

Any tax increases to pay for Inslee’s actions or any awards for lawsuits against the state will be paid for by us, the taxpayers.

“We are all in this together.” I have been hearing that a lot lately, mostly from people who demand that you stay home even to the point of economic suicide.

Well we ARE all in this together: When Washington state goes bankrupt, very few will be spared…Including those public unions who blindly back democrats. They can kiss their pensions goodbye.

What can you do? You stand up for your rights!

You have all taken the first step by showing up here today, and for that I thank and applaud you.

After that, you have to vote! You have to vote in August and November, and you need to talk to everyone you know and make sure they are registered to vote and actually vote in August and November.

Beyond that, I can’t tell you what to do. Everyone has their own concerns and have to do what is right for them. All I can do I tell you what I would do:

I haven’t suspended my campaign. I have still been traveling and meeting with voters. If I had a business that was deemed non-essential, I would not have closed. If I had closed, through pressure or threat, I would reopen…NOW!

As your attorney general I will investigate EVERY aspect of Washington’s response to the COVID outbreak.

From doctors falsifying death certificates reporting that COVID was the cause of death when there was actually another cause, to hospital administrators fraudulently counting people as COVID patients to receive federal funds, up to and INCLUDING Jay Inslee.


Check out Loren Culp photo bombing my picture with Chad Bronstein!