Much of our country, including here in Washington, has been in flames purportedly in protest of the death of George Floyd.

Mr. Floyd’s death was tragic, avoidable, and unnecessary.

People across our country were rightfully angered, and the protests in Mr. Floyd’s name quickly gave way to violence and looting.

It is important to note that in Mr. Floyd’s case, our system is working as designed: There was no cover-up, and the involved officers have been charged with crimes and will have their day in court.

I have yet to hear of any evidence that there was any racial motivation in the events which led to Mr. Floyd’s death.

And yet we are now on day 8 of riots. Why?

The past few decades, the media, “police reform” activists, and the Democrat party have been pushing a narrative that white police officers are hunting down and executing completely innocent black people.

This simply is not true.

There have been isolated incidents of unacceptable police misconduct, but much more often there have been tragic incidents that could have been handled better by police or where the actions of a suspect contributed to his or her own death. And then of course there are the media fabrications and the assumptions and rushes to judgment which take on the status of urban legend.

In 2016 police killed twice as many white people as black people. I’m sure in some of the incidents involving white people there had to be some questionable police tactics, possible policy violations, or questions whether the force used was necessary. Does anyone remember hearing of any of these incidents? A single one?

Assuming for the moment that there actually is a systemic problem of racist cops killing black people (and I don’t believe there is), who would be to blame for that?

In Minneapolis and in many of the major cities where there have been riots and calls to “defund the police,” Democrats have been running the show for years. If this really is a problem, it is their policies, their oversight, and their failings that have allowed this to happen. If true, Democrats own it.

If there is systemic racism in our country it is caused by the indoctrination of our young people in our schools and universities and promoted by the media and Hollywood.

I stand for equal protection under the law. No group should be singled out or treated less favorably for any reason, including the color of their skin. And yes, that includes white people.

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