Ballots are hitting mailboxes and now is the time to make your voice heard. Take a moment to review your voters guide and cast your ballot on every race and every issue in your area.

I will admit that I too sat out of certain races in the past, because I didn’t see a difference between two candidates I didn’t care for. Times have changed. Our rights and freedoms are under attack like never before. Every. Single. Race. Matters.

Find a reason to vote, even if the choice is between two evils. Is there one who will do less damage than the other? Is there one who shows a glimmer of fiscal responsibility? Is there one at least willing to consider other ideas or willing to buck the party line? The reason is yours, find it!

If you don’t vote, odds are good you’ll get stuck with the greater of two evils and you’ll have missed an opportunity to prevent at least some damage…and it will take even more work eventually to undo the damage that could have been avoided.

So you voted for someone you don’t care for. Now what? Get involved however you can. School boards, city councils, sewer districts all need good people. Can’t do it yourself? Help find and support people who can.

Fill out and return your ballot right away! Don’t let it get buried under a pile of junk mail until you’ve forgotten about it or gotten busy with life. This cartoon has been making the rounds lately and it packs an important message. Anything is possible if everyone eligible to vote actually does.