This issue provides insight into who Ferguson really is. Ferguson does not care about justice; he cares about destroying those he disagrees with. Now I’m not necessarily defending Purdue Pharma, but stop and think about this: Ferguson objects to the settlement because it leaves Purdue with what he decided was too much money.

Our system is set up where if you run afoul of the law you pay the penalty, whatever that may be. The penalty is supposed to be the same no matter who you are. You know, Lady Justice with the blindfold, the old notion “equal protection under the law.”

I haven’t seen the evidence against Purdue, so I have no idea if the settlement is fair or not. However half the states who sued think the $10-12 Billion settlement is just.

That fact that Ferguson isn’t content that Purdue will face justice, but that the company and those behind it must be destroyed, establishes just how unfit Sideshow is as attorney general.

For those who might think, “Who cares, massive out of state corporation, something like this could never happen to me,” just talk to Tim Eyman…Arlene’s Flowers…Peter Zieve. I’m sure there are other cases where Ferguson wasn’t seeking justice; he was bent on destroying lives and businesses.

From Bob’s Facebook page:

I said no to the purported settlement with Purdue Pharma. It is not enough money, requires no apology, and leaves the Sackler family as billionaires despite the harm they have caused Washingtonians. It is simply not good enough.

My job is to hold those who have personally profited from their role in the devastating opioid epidemic accountable. Our team is working hard on our case against Purdue Pharma. We are focused on our upcoming trial in February, and focused on accountability and justice for the people in our state who have suffered.