June, 2018: Ferguson sues the Trump Administration for separating children from their illegal alien parents who are in federal custody.

August, 2019: Trump Administration seeks to change rules so illegal alien families can remain together while the parents are in custody. Sideshow should be happy, right?

No. Ferguson is now suing the Trump Administration in an attempt to block the federal government from keeping families together.


Oddly Ferguson seems to be focused on the alleged mistreatment of children at federal facilities in other states. Since this has nothing to do with Washington State it *must* be due to Ferguson’s deep concern for children’s welfare?

“For God’s sake, treat children with a little bit of humanity,” Ferguson said at the news conference.

Meanwhile there have been plenty of stories highlighting the failures of the state’s foster care system and CPS. Washington State’s DSHS reportedly paid $223 Million to settle legal claims from 2010 to 2018.



I wonder if we had solved the foster parent shortage before we starting importing children from other parts of the world?

Hey Sideshow, if you want to ensure children are treated with humanity there are plenty in our backyard who could use your help.