In one of Sideshow’s countless lawsuits against the Trump Administration Ferguson implied that the federal government lacked compassion for children. Yesterday Sideshow patted himself on the back when legislation—that he asked for—advanced in the legislature, which would prohibit solitary confinement for juveniles who have been incarcerated.

As it stands it is exceedingly difficult in Washington to keep a juvenile in custody, even for very serious offenses.

Let’s say a juvenile commits an armed robbery and ends up being detained. If that juvenile, while in custody, continues to violate the law by assaulting, or even sexually assaulting, another person whether a fellow detainee, a staff member, or their own lawyer, how is that juvenile supposed to be managed?

Under Ferguson’s legislation, it would be illegal to isolate that juvenile from victims or potential victims. The state has a duty to protect everyone in its care or custody, regardless of how that person came to be there. Sideshow’s legislation mandates that predators have access to victims—literally a captive audience.

Where is Ferguson’s compassion for children?