03 Jun

Focused not just on the wrong Washington, but the wrong issues

While ALL the people of our state continue to have our Constitutional rights violated by an expired stay home order, #Sideshow is focused on the price of tuna.

While that issue may have merit, my focus as attorney general would on everyone’s Constitutional rights.

Think about this for a moment: Ferguson is focused on recouping less than 10 cents per resident while ignoring the fact that churches are closed, schools are shuttered, and preventative health care has been on hold for months.

I ask you this: Are your Constitutional rights worth 10 cents a year? (Or .027 cents per day in ASPCA/Save The Children parlance?)

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31 May

The death of George Floyd

I thank the men and women of the Seattle Police Department and assisting agencies who attempted to maintain the peace and restore order on Friday and Saturday.

I have made the conscious decision to not watch the video depicting the death of George Floyd, and the reason is simple: I have personally witnessed enough death during my life that I don’t need or want to.

So what follows is based on my understanding of what occurred according to media accounts, which if the track record of the media the past several years is considered, may not be entirely accurate and is likely missing important details and context.

I’m not a doctor, but it sounds like Mr. Floyd may have died from positional asphyxia—his own body weight and the pressure placed upon him by the officer impaired his breathing to the point he lost consciousness and died.

I was a police officer for over 20 years and I was not trained to act in the manner the officer reportedly did. Police tactics evolve and improve over time. When I first began work in the mid-90s there was a common phrase used to describe where an officer’s knees would be while taking someone into custody who had first been placed in the prone position on the ground, “One on the neck and one on the deck.”

That phrase was dropped to better align with reality. I was never trained to actually place my knee on someone’s neck, rather the knee was placed on a person’s back or shoulder blade with the shin and the rest of the leg being at the junction of a person’s neck or shoulder at approximately a 45 degree angle, or as close to that as circumstances allowed.

The death of Mr. Floyd was tragic and unnecessary. But even in the age of video, we don’t yet know all the facts. We don’t know what occurred in the minutes before Mr. Floyd’s death. We don’t know if the officer believed he had a reason to act the way he did. We don’t know if Floyd had any substances in his system or had an underlying health condition that contributed to his death. I want to be clear: I am not defending the actions of the officer, I am simply saying that we don’t have all the facts yet, and those facts could change the degree to which the officer was responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death.

I am sure there are some racists and some race-motivate crime in our country, but the level it actually occurs is drastically lower than the media and the race-baiters would like you to believe. In my years of police work I encountered many people who had hate in their hearts, but that hate ran the spectrum and was not limited to race. I never, not a single time, encountered any burning crosses or things of that nature.

I have heard zero evidence that the encounter between the officer and Mr. Floyd was racially motivated. None. The media and some activist groups look for—and since they’re looking for it, they see—racism everywhere. We do not have a widespread problem of white officers executing black people in our country. If we did it would be occurring every single day and perhaps multiple times a day.

It is vitally important to remember that the officer is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, just like anyone else. We can demand accountability and improvements to our police departments and still afford the accused their due process rights.

It is interesting that most of these types of events seem to happen in “blue” cities and states, where the supposedly more enlightened and “woke” people are in charge. I thought they had all the answers and knew how to create systems so these sorts of incidents should never occur?

It is also interesting that most of the riots tend to occur in blue cities and states. How does destroying your neighbors’ property help anything? It doesn’t.

Shifting focus to Seattle.

What does an isolated event in Minneapolis have to do with policing and society in Seattle? Seattle has been working on policing reforms for well over 6 years now.

I place the blame squarely on the media, Jay Inslee, and organized thugs.

The media is responsible for inflaming racial tensions and spreading and amplifying the narrative that white racist cops systematically execute 100% innocent black people. Remember “hands up, don’t shoot?” Never happened. The media created a narrative and continued pushing it even after contradictory evidence came to light.

Jay Inslee is responsible for having locked down our state costing so many people their jobs and their educations. Too many people are on edge, bored, and increasingly have less and less to lose. He personally contributed to the tinderbox that ignited.

Just like we don’t have all the facts about Mr. Floyd’s death we also don’t have all the facts about how the recent riots materialized. However, in Seattle we have a history of well organized, and often paid, violent protestors and I have no reason to believe that is not the case here.

To summarize, Mr. Floyd’s death was tragic and the officer needs to be held accountable, but he has the right to a defense and all the facts need to come out in court or otherwise. The death of one person does not justify the mayhem that has occurred across our country. Destroying property and looting businesses does nothing to change the real or perceived problems with law enforcement in our country. The people who committed crimes supposedly to protest the death of a black man at the hands of a white police officer deserve to be held accountable as well.

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10 May

Olympia Rally 5/9/20

We had a fantastic day at the Capitol today, thank you to everyone who turned out and who was with us in spirit!

The following is a summary of my remarks today:

I’m Brett Rogers, and I’m running for Washington State Attorney General.

I have a question for you: What do you call that thing that is sometimes put in engines to keep it from generating too much power or reaching its full potential?

A governor?

Well I guess Jay Inslee really is the “governor” of Washington State!

I have a message for Governor Inslee: You may as well go ahead and resign now, because you have lost the consent of the governed!

I have another question for you: Where is Bob Ferguson?

Has anyone seen Ferguson standing up to Inslee to protect your right to freely exercise you religion?

Has anyone seen Ferguson challenge Inslee to protect your right to peacefully assemble?

Has anyone heard Ferguson tell Inslee, “You know Jay, your designating people as essential and non-essential violates their right to equal protection under the law?”

Democrats like to say that healthcare is a human right. If that is true, why have “elective” procedures been outlawed?

Jay Inslee is destroying lives and our economy.

I don’t think Inslee cares. I don’t think he cares because the price for his actions will be paid by all of us.

Any tax increases to pay for Inslee’s actions or any awards for lawsuits against the state will be paid for by us, the taxpayers.

“We are all in this together.” I have been hearing that a lot lately, mostly from people who demand that you stay home even to the point of economic suicide.

Well we ARE all in this together: When Washington state goes bankrupt, very few will be spared…Including those public unions who blindly back democrats. They can kiss their pensions goodbye.

What can you do? You stand up for your rights!

You have all taken the first step by showing up here today, and for that I thank and applaud you.

After that, you have to vote! You have to vote in August and November, and you need to talk to everyone you know and make sure they are registered to vote and actually vote in August and November.

Beyond that, I can’t tell you what to do. Everyone has their own concerns and have to do what is right for them. All I can do I tell you what I would do:

I haven’t suspended my campaign. I have still been traveling and meeting with voters. If I had a business that was deemed non-essential, I would not have closed. If I had closed, through pressure or threat, I would reopen…NOW!

As your attorney general I will investigate EVERY aspect of Washington’s response to the COVID outbreak.

From doctors falsifying death certificates reporting that COVID was the cause of death when there was actually another cause, to hospital administrators fraudulently counting people as COVID patients to receive federal funds, up to and INCLUDING Jay Inslee.


Check out Loren Culp photo bombing my picture with Chad Bronstein!

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27 Apr

King Inslee

Governor Inslee’s press conference today was enlightening, but probably not in the way he intended. He threw the peons a few bones and will start to open some outdoor activities.

I find it interesting that he will “allow” certain activities the day after his stay home order is set to expire, yet he provided no plan or path to reopen our state. The cynic in me suspects, 1) he has no plan and has no idea what he’s doing and, more importantly, 2) he plans on extending his stay home order. Otherwise why was today’s press conference not more comprehensive?

On a number of occasions since I declared as a candidate I have been asked if I would throw Inslee and/or Ferguson in jail. This isn’t the time or place to get into the weeds on the issue, but generally speaking the proper way to rid ourselves of poor representatives is through elections. I guarantee you if I’m elected there will be plenty of people on the far left who will want me prosecuted.

However, we have reached an unprecedented point in our state and our country. We have a governor, who relying on faulty data, has willingly and knowingly violated our civil rights. As information and actual data (as opposed to models) comes in, it is even more apparent that the reasons for the shutdown of our state were erroneous, and the purported goal of the shutdown (“flattening the curve” to prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed) has been achieved.

And yet in the face of this knowledge Governor Inslee continues to willingly and knowingly violate our civil rights.

The damage has been done and there are some who will never recover from Inslee’s actions. Even if he reopened our state tonight, it is too late.

I have serious concerns about Inslee’s blasé reaction to those who have been protesting for their civil rights. If the people who have been harmed by the State of Washington’s actions ultimately prevail in court, who will be on the hook for any monetary award? You, me, all of us. I believe Inslee doesn’t care because any price for his actions will ultimately be borne by the tax-payers.

Inslee needs to appreciate that he has some skin in the game.

If elected I will launch a *criminal* investigation into Inslee’s handling of the Corona/COVID outbreak, and I will partner with federal authorities to maximize the avenues to hold him accountable. Probable cause to believe that any crime has been committed will result in prosecution.

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24 Apr

My pledge regarding Corona/COVID

If you have been following me you will know that from early on I urged caution regarding Corona/COVID but I was very skeptical of the models and the media reporting since neither matched what was happening before our eyes.

With each passing day information and actual data (as opposed to “experts” “guessing” with their models) continues to point to COVID, while being deadly for some, is not nearly as deadly for the vast majority of people as we were lead to believe.

I have been highly critical of Ferguson’s multiple lawsuits against the federal government. In spite of that criticism I have acknowledged that there is a time and place for resolution of disputes between a state and the federal governments in the courts.

I suspect COVID will be one.

If elected I will investigate ALL aspects of Washington State’s response to COVID. If that investigation reveals probable cause to believe that anyone in the public (government officials) or private sector committed a criminal act I will prosecute.

If that investigation demonstrates by a preponderance of the evidence that the federal government (through the CDC or otherwise) intentionally or negligently misled the people of Washington as to the severity of the disease which resulted in our state government suspending civil rights and causing incalculable damage to the people of our state, I will absolutely sue the federal government.

I find it ironic that Sideshow, who seemingly sues President Trump every chance he gets, has been silent on THE issue that arguably has had more of a direct impact on the people of our state that any of his other lawsuits, perhaps combined. But he “fights for the people,” right?

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25 Mar

My response to COVID criticism

I’ve gotten a lot of flak over the past couple days over posts I’ve made about Corona/COVID so let me make myself as clear as I can…I would hope you would want to vote for someone who isn’t easily swayed and can withstand adversity.

Corona IS serious. Especially to those who are older or who have underlying conditions. I urge everyone to do what you need to do to keep yourselves and your families safe. This shouldn’t have to be a PSA for the CDC, but wash your hands, cover your cough, and if you are in a high risk group or come in contact with those who are, absolutely minimize your contact with other people.

My wife is a registered nurse working in Washington’s epicenter. She could contract Corona at any time while caring for others. I don’t wish illness on anyone.

However, it is important to keep things in perspective. I am saddened by those who perish and for the loved ones they leave behind to mourn. The ugly truth is death is all around us. Heart disease. Drug overdoses. Car crashes. We lose many more people to those things than it appears we will lose to Corona. Does that make it any better? Of course not.

But we have come to accept those other losses as part of life. What makes Corona different?

The media.

The media has been peddling panic, and far too many are buying. I am truly shocked at the number of people who have witnessed and acknowledged media lies and biased reporting (since most obviously 2015) are suddenly taking the media as gospel. Nothing has changed. You are still the same and they are still peddling the same propaganda.

I am also shocked at the number of people who have Gadsden flag avatars on their social media who are ok with the government suspending your civil rights (yes, including 2A) in the name of fighting Corona. So much for “from my cold dead hands.”

I’ve had comments that WWII vets gave up their rights for us, and we should do the same for them. That is absolutely incorrect. Those brave souls risked and many gave their lives to protect our rights that we could continue to live as a free society. The comparison between WWII and this current situation is asinine. Get over yourselves.

The US lost approximately 416,000 troops during WWII.

As of this writing there have been 123 deaths in Washington linked to Corona. Not to minimize those deaths but most had underlying health problems.

In the meantime, People are losing their jobs. The economy is tanking.

Our government is making moves that should alarm everyone. Cities are releasing criminals from jails and prisons while deeming firearms shops non-essential and ordering them closed.

Because of the virus jails are not accepting many arrests. So a person who doesn’t care about the law and has nothing to fear from committing more crimes will choose not to harm you and your family why?

Some cities have decreed that carrying a firearm during this “emergency” is now a crime.

In other words, the government is too busy to protect you right now, and also too busy to “allow” you to protect yourself.

The Governor is restricting people’s ability to gather for whatever reason, including worship, even if those people accept the risk. The Governor is suspending open meetings and open records laws.

In times of crisis we do not suspend or give up our rights, we more zealously safeguard them.

To compare our current situation to WWII is a slap in the face to all those who sacrificed for us. They did not fight and die for us to surrender to our civil authorities under these circumstances. Man-up. Woman-up. Do what YOU need to do to take care of yourselves and your families, but don’t lie down and accept the curtailment of EVERYONE’S rights.

I fully recognize that this position may cost me some support and some votes. That is fine. I want people to vote for me because they believe in me, not because I’ve effectively pandered to them, or I’m a member of their party, or I’ve dodged enough issues that they have no idea what I stand for.

To borrow the sentiment from Andrew Wilkow, I am an individual patriot first, conservative second, republican third.

If elected I will fight for ALL the rights of ALL Washingtonians.

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24 Mar

Unprecedented government overreach

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24 Feb

Ferguson demands cooperation with NOT cooperating with the federal government

If you think that Sideshow cares about rights or the rule of law, you would be mistaken.

Let’s say the FBI comes to your home without a warrant and they ask to come inside and have a look around. What you tell them is completely up to you. You *could* let them in or you *could* tell them not without a warrant. It is your decision to make.

Now imagine the State of Washington has told you that if you allow the FBI into your home without a warrant, the AG’s Office will ruin you financially.

Granted, it’s not a perfect analogy but this is essentially what Sideshow has done to Greyhound; interfered with the company’s right to decide for itself whether it wants to cooperate with federal law enforcement. It’s disgraceful actually.

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18 Feb

Who does Sideshow work for? (2/18/20 ed.)

A King County Superior Court judge recently rejected a legal challenge to title only bills.

You will never guess who provided the judge with the rationale for rejecting the challenge. Your very own “I’m fighting for the people!” Sideshow Bob Ferguson. Ferguson sided with the legislature instead of fighting for transparency and the ensuring the governed have actually given their consent.

Make sure you think about this: A member of the executive branch convinced a member of the judicial branch that some things the legislative branch does is beyond judicial review.

Our system of government provides checks and balances on each branch of government. Ferguson’s unwillingness to check the power of the legislature to the detriment of the people of Washington disqualifies him to continue serving as our attorney general.

As attorney general I will put an end to title only bills. I will work for you, the people of Washington.

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12 Feb

The hypocrisy of Bob Ferguson, February 12, 2020 edition

In one of Sideshow’s countless lawsuits against the Trump Administration Ferguson implied that the federal government lacked compassion for children. Yesterday Sideshow patted himself on the back when legislation—that he asked for—advanced in the legislature, which would prohibit solitary confinement for juveniles who have been incarcerated.

As it stands it is exceedingly difficult in Washington to keep a juvenile in custody, even for very serious offenses.

Let’s say a juvenile commits an armed robbery and ends up being detained. If that juvenile, while in custody, continues to violate the law by assaulting, or even sexually assaulting, another person whether a fellow detainee, a staff member, or their own lawyer, how is that juvenile supposed to be managed?

Under Ferguson’s legislation, it would be illegal to isolate that juvenile from victims or potential victims. The state has a duty to protect everyone in its care or custody, regardless of how that person came to be there. Sideshow’s legislation mandates that predators have access to victims—literally a captive audience.

Where is Ferguson’s compassion for children?

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