01 Jul

Tucker Carlson: Going Forward Republican Voters Must Demand 3 Things From Their Candidates

You will get these three things from me (More actually, but these are the three Tucker believes are important). I will fight for total equality under the law. I will defend our freedom of speech. And, I will serve you, the people.

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28 Jun

Shame on the Washington State Supreme Court

Apparently due to COVID, the Court recently decided to allow recent law school graduates to practice law without taking and passing the Bar exam.

The pass rates for the past two administered exams were 73.3% and 50%, meaning the court has just given a law license to a lot of people who normally wouldn’t qualify for one.

The Bar isn’t necessarily a great indicator of who will make a good lawyer, but it is what we have (or had) at present.

At a time when people are demanding more of professions, especially police officers, is it really wise to throw open the doors and let everyone in regardless of their ability to do the job, including obeying ethical rules?

And what about all the people who have taken and not passed the Bar over the years? Should they now be allowed to practice?

I would say get ready for the lawsuits, but would we really expect the court to rule against itself?

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24 Jun

If re-elected, Ferguson WILL continue to come for your guns

Yesterday I had a meeting with the Seattle Times Editorial Board along with the other 3 candidates for attorney general.

We were each asked if we would continue Bob Ferguson’s efforts to enact additional restrictions on otherwise law-abiding gun owners.

Ferguson said that he will continue to fight for additional infringements of our Second Amendment rights as long as he is in public life.

I said that I would “absolutely not” be continuing Ferguson’s legacy. I pointed out that Ferguson’s efforts are misguided and that we have a problem with “violence” in our country, not “gun violence.”

Ferguson has done nothing to address violence, instead choosing to erode people’s right to keep and bear arms as recognized by the Constitution.

I have previously written and stated many times that if I am elected, I will do everything in my power to repeal 1639 and other 2A infringements.

For what it’s worth, another republican candidate, Mike Vaska, said that he has no strong feelings on the issue and would leave it up to the people of our state to decide.

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24 Jun

The woke mob is coming for everyone

“To preserve our democracy, we must resist the mob. That begins with understanding the gravity of the threat and standing up to it. They have no claim to moral superiority and no right to use violence to achieve their ends. Yielding the public square to this “thought police,” however powerful and intimidating they are, is the road to tyranny. It leads away from our country’s hard-won achievement of ordered liberty and constitutional democracy. Remember, the mob aims to do more than pull down statues of the Founding Fathers. It aims to pull down their historic achievements.”

We are not living in normal times right now. If you do not recognize the very real danger we are facing you have not been paying attention.

I have consistently stood up for everyone’s Constitutional rights, even when those positions are unpopular. Have you seen either of the other republican AG candidates do that? If not, how would you have any confidence that they would not wilt under pressure if they were elected?

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14 Jun

This is what courage and decisive action looks like

This is a great story:

One brave man single-handedly recovered two stolen SPD semi-auto rifles from rioters in downtown Seattle.

If one person could do this, imagine the damage that could have been prevented if the hundreds of nearby police officers had been allowed to do their jobs.

Thank you Marine!

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14 Jun

How many lives has Inslee destroyed?

Anyone remember a couple years ago there was a panic over Zika virus?

For a time, the fear was peddled that a pregnant woman receiving a single mosquito bite would lead to giving birth to a child with horrible birth defects? And the disease was going to spread nationwide? We haven’t heard much about that lately, have we?

It appears that was another Dr. Fauci-induced panic.

We have never shut down our economy over a virus before COVID. It is mind boggling given what we now know, that Jay Inslee continues to maintain a dictatorial stranglehold over our state with his phased reopening and his mask requirement.

If we actually had a functioning free press in our state there should be sufficient outrage that Inslee would have been forced to resign by now.

As attorney general I will investigate Washington State’s response to the COVID outbreak, specifically including the actions of Jay Inslee.

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09 Jun

I call on every Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court to resign immediately.

On June 4, 2020 each Justice signed a letter indicating their belief, their bias, that “systemic racial injustice against black Americans” exists.

I do not believe that systemic racism has been proven, and it is utterly irresponsible for the Justices to opine on an issue not before them in a judicial proceeding.

Justices and judges are supposed to call “balls and strikes,” and rule on facts properly admitted to evidence after applying those facts to our constitutional laws.

It is not their place to advocate. If that is what these individuals believe is their calling in life, they should find another line of work.

Assuming for the moment systemic racism does exist, it certainly wouldn’t be limited to black people. Justice is not always served, and people from all walks of life and all shades of skin color often get the short end of the stick.

Justice is meant to be “blind,” and these Justices have publicly acknowledged that they are incapable of sticking to the facts and issues properly before them.

As Attorney General I will use this letter as evidence of improper bias, when appropriate, in appealing their rulings to the United States Supreme Court.

Far too many of our public institutions have been corrupted. That corruption has now publicly reached our State Supreme Court.

Four of the Justices, Montoya-Lewis, Whitener, Stephens, and Johnson are up for election this year.

Justices Whitener and Montoya-Lewis have challengers, unfortunately Stevens and Johnson are running unopposed.

This is not how our government is supposed to function. I implore attorneys in Washington to consider mounting a serious write-in campaign against Stephens and Johnson.

I encourage voters who truly care about equal justice for all and the rule of law to ensure that these four Justices do not retain their seats on our state’s highest court.

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07 Jun

Who benefits from “defunding” the police?

The “geniuses” calling for defunding the police should be careful what they wish for.

If they get their way each individual in our country would be their own last resort in all regards and would rely on their own interpretation of what is illegal and what an appropriate response would be.

The vast majority of people in our country have not been trained in the legal use of force, and at the same time will not be bound by the case law, department policies, and community expectations that police officers are. (Have you signed up for your de-escalation class yet?)

Criminals will be emboldened. The sick, elderly, those living alone, and those without firearms will be easy targets.
Incidents of theft, road rage, even property line disputes between neighbors will have fatal outcomes. It will result in an incredible spiral of self-help law enforcement, revenge, and retribution.

Policing is not perfect; we will never be able to remove the human element from interpersonal interactions.

According to FBI statistics police killed 410 people in 2018, and there were an additional 353 *legally* justified homicides by private citizens.

Compare that to the 16,214 (non-police-involved or otherwise justified) murders in the U.S. that year.

The police (with rare, isolated exceptions) are not the problem; humans are the problem.

To anyone who cares about black lives, or any lives: disbanding police departments will only make deaths exponentially worse.

But at the end of the day, perhaps that is what these people really want: more violence and death.…/crime-in-the-u.s.-…/topic-pages/murder…/t…/expanded-homicide-data-table-14.xls…/t…/expanded-homicide-data-table-15.xls

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05 Jun

Our country is on fire because of a lie

Much of our country, including here in Washington, has been in flames purportedly in protest of the death of George Floyd.

Mr. Floyd’s death was tragic, avoidable, and unnecessary.

People across our country were rightfully angered, and the protests in Mr. Floyd’s name quickly gave way to violence and looting.

It is important to note that in Mr. Floyd’s case, our system is working as designed: There was no cover-up, and the involved officers have been charged with crimes and will have their day in court.

I have yet to hear of any evidence that there was any racial motivation in the events which led to Mr. Floyd’s death.

And yet we are now on day 8 of riots. Why?

The past few decades, the media, “police reform” activists, and the Democrat party have been pushing a narrative that white police officers are hunting down and executing completely innocent black people.

This simply is not true.

There have been isolated incidents of unacceptable police misconduct, but much more often there have been tragic incidents that could have been handled better by police or where the actions of a suspect contributed to his or her own death. And then of course there are the media fabrications and the assumptions and rushes to judgment which take on the status of urban legend.

In 2016 police killed twice as many white people as black people. I’m sure in some of the incidents involving white people there had to be some questionable police tactics, possible policy violations, or questions whether the force used was necessary. Does anyone remember hearing of any of these incidents? A single one?

Assuming for the moment that there actually is a systemic problem of racist cops killing black people (and I don’t believe there is), who would be to blame for that?

In Minneapolis and in many of the major cities where there have been riots and calls to “defund the police,” Democrats have been running the show for years. If this really is a problem, it is their policies, their oversight, and their failings that have allowed this to happen. If true, Democrats own it.

If there is systemic racism in our country it is caused by the indoctrination of our young people in our schools and universities and promoted by the media and Hollywood.

I stand for equal protection under the law. No group should be singled out or treated less favorably for any reason, including the color of their skin. And yes, that includes white people.

If you haven’t come across them on your own, the following are some interesting articles:

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03 Jun

Focused not just on the wrong Washington, but the wrong issues

While ALL the people of our state continue to have our Constitutional rights violated by an expired stay home order, #Sideshow is focused on the price of tuna.

While that issue may have merit, my focus as attorney general would on everyone’s Constitutional rights.

Think about this for a moment: Ferguson is focused on recouping less than 10 cents per resident while ignoring the fact that churches are closed, schools are shuttered, and preventative health care has been on hold for months.

I ask you this: Are your Constitutional rights worth 10 cents a year? (Or .027 cents per day in ASPCA/Save The Children parlance?)

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