10 Oct

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05 Oct

Who Does Ferguson really work for?

Sideshow loves to claim that he fights to put money back in the pockets of working people. Here is another example where he had a prime opportunity to do just that…yet he didn’t.

Perhaps if he wasn’t so busy filing feel-good lawsuits against the federal government he could focus on the people of our state.

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25 Sep

Is Sideshow really “undefeated against Trump?”

It appears that one of Sideshow’s lawsuits is about to be dismissed. I would be willing to bet that he will continue to say that he is “undefeated against Trump,” you know, because in his bubble having a frivolous case tossed by the judge isn’t the same as “losing” at trial.

I find it interesting that while the Associated Press has the story, none of the local outlets appear to be doing any independent reporting. Wouldn’t a good reporter have questions? Like why did Ferguson decide to sue Trump when the same circumstances were present during the Obama administration? And why did Ferguson think it was prudent to bring this suit when the State of Washington is engaged in substantially the same conduct? And how much taxpayer money was expended on this one of nearly 50 cases against Trump?

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19 Sep

Can Sideshow make up his mind?

I’d like to think I’m a halfway intelligent guy, but I can’t for the life of me figure out if Sideshow has any integrity or coherent policy. Can anyone help me out?

The federal government struggles to cope with the number of people entering our country illegally, and Ferguson sues over the conditions in which the detainees are kept. Ferguson sues because detainees who voluntarily work while in detention aren’t paid minimum wage. Ferguson sues the Navy because Growlers at NAS Whidbey make too much noise.


Money that was going to a different Navy base was diverted for wall construction on our southern border. A wall that if built, would greatly reduce the number of people entering our country illegally…thus greatly reducing the number of people that would be “mistreated” by the federal government. You would think Ferguson would be happy with that, right? Because he’s looking out for those poor people, right?


I just figured it out. Ferguson only cares about 3 things:

1) Power
2) His political career
3) Sticking it to Trump

Is this what we are paying Sideshow for?

From Sideshow’s Facebook page:

**FEDERAL LITIGATION UPDATE** Washington state just filed a legal challenge to block President Trump from abusing his powers to erect a wall on our southern border.

The Trump administration recently announced plans to divert critical funds from military projects across the country — including $89 million from Bangor Naval Base, right here in Kitsap County — to subsidize building his wall. This action by Donald Trump is unlawful. It is an outrageous abuse of power that would hurt Washington’s economy and our military. It would set a dangerous precedent that threatens our system of checks and balances.

This is our 48th lawsuit against the Trump administration, and we’re not slowing down. Our undefeated record speaks for itself. We’re 21-0 — and I don’t intend to lose this one.

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19 Sep

Sideshow and a pattern of personal destruction

This issue provides insight into who Ferguson really is. Ferguson does not care about justice; he cares about destroying those he disagrees with. Now I’m not necessarily defending Purdue Pharma, but stop and think about this: Ferguson objects to the settlement because it leaves Purdue with what he decided was too much money.

Our system is set up where if you run afoul of the law you pay the penalty, whatever that may be. The penalty is supposed to be the same no matter who you are. You know, Lady Justice with the blindfold, the old notion “equal protection under the law.”

I haven’t seen the evidence against Purdue, so I have no idea if the settlement is fair or not. However half the states who sued think the $10-12 Billion settlement is just.

That fact that Ferguson isn’t content that Purdue will face justice, but that the company and those behind it must be destroyed, establishes just how unfit Sideshow is as attorney general.

For those who might think, “Who cares, massive out of state corporation, something like this could never happen to me,” just talk to Tim Eyman…Arlene’s Flowers…Peter Zieve. I’m sure there are other cases where Ferguson wasn’t seeking justice; he was bent on destroying lives and businesses.

From Bob’s Facebook page:

I said no to the purported settlement with Purdue Pharma. It is not enough money, requires no apology, and leaves the Sackler family as billionaires despite the harm they have caused Washingtonians. It is simply not good enough.

My job is to hold those who have personally profited from their role in the devastating opioid epidemic accountable. Our team is working hard on our case against Purdue Pharma. We are focused on our upcoming trial in February, and focused on accountability and justice for the people in our state who have suffered.

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15 Sep

The left’s dream of gun confiscation

This past week at the Democrat party debate one of the candidates said, “Hell yes” he wants to confiscate semi-automatic rifles.

There is only one right in the Bill of Rights that states that the right “shall not be infringed.” Does anyone really believe that a tyrant willing to ignore the Second Amendment would hesitate taking away your other rights?

I am currently the ONLY candidate for attorney general who supports the Second Amendment and Article I Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution.

As attorney general I will fight to protect all your civil rights, especially the right that protects all others.

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15 Sep

Does Ferguson really care about tax payers or working families?

This past week Ferguson’s office was set to defend Sound Transit in a suit over how the agency values vehicles when assessing fees. Ferguson was aware Sound Transit was over-valuing vehicles and in effect overcharging tax payers.

However, prior to the hearing Ferguson learned he had been misled by Sound Transit and that the agency was overcharging tax payers at an even higher rate than was previously known. Ferguson backed out and did not argue on Sound Transit’s behalf.

To deflect news of the embarrassment, on Friday Ferguson announced that he was demanding that Avista refund $41 Million it allegedly overcharged customers, saying he was fighting to put money back in the pockets of Washington families.

What about the families that had been gouged by Sound Transit? If Ferguson possessed any integrity he should have joined the plaintiff’s attorney in an offered settlement of over $120 million—3 times more than what Ferguson alleged Avista overcharged customers—to pressure Sound Transit to settle.

If there is no settlement, the amount Sound Transit could be ordered to refund may be significantly higher.

Does Ferguson really care about the people of Washington? Rather than hold Sound Transit accountable he signaled he does not mind that tax payers have been overcharged well over $100 Million and instead tried to save face by targeting a smaller fish.

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12 Sep

A government accountable to the people:

If elected I will establish a new Government Accountability Division within the Attorney General’s Office. Its mission will be to prevent or remedy unconstitutional or otherwise illegal actions by any state official.

The new division will also work with the Torts Division in litigation against the state to determine whether state officials acted within the scope of their employment and therefore entitled to a defense at taxpayers’ expense.  

The creation of the new division will be budget-neutral and will be staffed by redeploying existing resources within the Attorney General’s Office. If the office currently has the capacity to sue the federal government approximately 50 times in three years there are obviously assets that are being underutilized.

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11 Sep

How Ferguson’s abuse of whistleblowers begins:

From the Attorney General’s Office Torts Division webpage (

“The primary legal service provided by the Torts Division is the resolution of damage claims against state agencies and employees.  Many cases are resolved through successful pretrial motions, saving the state significant resources in research, discovery and investigations…”

While trying to dismiss actions through motions is an acceptable legal tactic, really what Ferguson is saying is, “We do everything we can to make lawsuits go away without bothering to look into the underlying allegations.” Is that the appropriate attitude for our attorney general?

That attitude is precisely how bad employees are retained and whistleblowers are mistreated. I would argue that the costs of retaining bad employees and turning a blind eye to fraud, waste, and corruption far outweigh the cost of investigating claims against the state.

This practice will end if I am elected.

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27 Aug

Illegal Teacher Strikes

Fall. The time of year when football returns, pumpkin spice everything pops up, and Washington teachers strike.

These strikes, which are illegal, have become so commonplace they are almost expected. 

Of all the public sector unions, why is it only teachers who strike? Other public sector unions continue to work while contract negotiations drag on, sometimes for years.

We can support teachers and expect them to do their jobs. If education is truly a “paramount duty” in our state, these strikes must end. 

If elected I will intervene in or initiate actions to force teachers to return to the classrooms while negotiations continue. 

I wonder if Bob “treat children with a little bit of humanity” Ferguson will step up and force teachers back to work? You know, “For the children!”

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