“To preserve our democracy, we must resist the mob. That begins with understanding the gravity of the threat and standing up to it. They have no claim to moral superiority and no right to use violence to achieve their ends. Yielding the public square to this “thought police,” however powerful and intimidating they are, is the road to tyranny. It leads away from our country’s hard-won achievement of ordered liberty and constitutional democracy. Remember, the mob aims to do more than pull down statues of the Founding Fathers. It aims to pull down their historic achievements.”

We are not living in normal times right now. If you do not recognize the very real danger we are facing you have not been paying attention.

I have consistently stood up for everyone’s Constitutional rights, even when those positions are unpopular. Have you seen either of the other republican AG candidates do that? If not, how would you have any confidence that they would not wilt under pressure if they were elected?