A Seattle man was recently arrested in Norway, and the country was reportedly working as quickly as possible to deport him. According to reports he was arrested for what the government believed he was going to say in an upcoming speech. I’m assuming the man legally entered Norway.


Meanwhile in King County, according to reports a group of people who illegally entered the United States concocted a hoax about a takeover-style robbery involving a sexual assault in an apparent attempt to fraudulently receive a visa intended for crime victims.

As of this writing none of the people involved are in custody and reading between the lines it appears that the King County Sheriff will not cooperate with federal immigration officials regarding these individuals.


It is interesting that some countries care who is in their country and have no problem ejecting those they find unwelcome. And then we have our current situation where people ignore our laws to enter our country, likely break our laws in order to work, break more laws in a fraudulent attempt to remain here, and no thought is given to showing these people the door? Your current elected officials put criminals, who should not be in the U.S., ahead of the law-abiding, both citizen and immigrant. Do not forget that.